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Posted by horasio on April 16, 2009

world cup flags ENGLAND
On April 15, 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters travelled on a bright summer’s day to watch the team they love play in an FA Cup semi-final.
Because of the incompetence of the authorities on the day, they never returned home to their families.
For 20 years we have been striving for justice and our fight will go on because justice has never been done.
Our thoughts today and always will be with the families and friends of our fellow fans who lost their lives on that dreadful day. The 96 will never walk alone and will always be in our thoughts.
Merseyside branch

20 years may have passed but the Hillsborough 96 have not been forgotten. April 15th may be the anniversary of the tragedy but not a day goes by without our 96 red angels far from our thoughts.
You will never walk alone and you are forever in our hearts.
Barnstaple/North Devon Branch

This year, as in every year, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.
Many from within our Supporters’ Club – both past and present – will be attending the Service at Anfield to show their support for those who lost loved ones. As always, we will also personally remember the four London branch members who never returned home that fateful April day. Your memory is one we will never forget.
London branch

96 reds never made it home,
They will never be forgotten,
They will never walk alone.
Chesterfield branch

Twenty years have now gone by
Some say, the pain it must be healing
Then how come every time we play
we feel the way we’re feeling

They stopped the clock at three fifteen
Said no more could be done
They couldn’t be more guilty
If they’d shot them with a gun

Why oh why did they let them die
The glorious 96
And if that wasn’t bad enough
That newspaper then played their tricks

No one listened, no one cared
‘They are only yobs ‘ they said
20 years later
Our 96 are still dead

Maybe one day the world will learn
What happened on that day
Until then every 15th of April
We’ll cry, and grieve and pray

Pray that they are sat up there
With Shanks, Bob and Crazy horse
They’ll all be doing as they’re told
By the great Shankly, of course

To the families then we make this vow
Before the ball is kicked
At any match you’ll hear us sing
Jutice….for the 96
Exmouth branch

The 96 Reds who went to a football match 20 years ago, never to return, will always be in our thoughts. May the justice still sought by the families of those who died so needlessly be granted soon.
East Anglia branch

We would like to offer our support and condolences to all the families of our fellow supporters who did not return from Hillsborough in April 1989. The passing of time does not weaken our sadness at such a tragic loss of life, memories of which are all too painful, but for those who lost loved ones even more so. To the 96 YNWA.
Shropshire branch

The 96 went with songs to the game,
They mingle not with their laughing mate’s again
They sit no more at the tables of home
They have no labour in our day today
They will sleep beyond Liverpool’s fame.

To the innermost hearts of their own team they are known ,
as the star’s are known to the night.

We were very lucky. We had a coach full of supporters, about 50 Branch members, as we had had the year before. Some were in the seats in the North Stand and the West Stand above the Leppings Lane Terraces but the majority were in the standing area on Leppings Lane.
We all came back, thank god but it was close for a couple of the young ones in pen 4. It’s hard to believe that was 20 years ago. And with time there is always the danger that society forgets and repeats the mistakes of the past that caused such a tragedy.
And we must also never forget the 96 or their families.
So it is as important today as it has ever been to mark the day and to continue to mark the day.
Harrogate and District branch

We as a club hope that justice will prevail one day for everyone’s sake, especially for the families of the 96 and so that we can for once think about the anniversary of Hillsborough in the way it should be, instead of anger and resentment adding to our deepest, sincere emotions.
Justice for the 96 – May you rest in peace.
Grimsby branch

Another year has flown away, 20 years now all LFC fans say
So as we remember our 96,
We lay flowers and say a prayer
We think of their families and friends at this sad time and hope that justice will be done for their loved ones in time.
Trent Valley branch

All our members – new ones and all who were there on that day – send their sincere wishes to the 96.
Milton Keynes and Northants branch

Gone but not forgotten. Sion Mills Branch and all our members pass on their heartfelt condolences to all those 96 loyal fans and their families. May their memories live on.
Sion Mills Branch

People say time is a great healer and you have to get on with your lives, but for the family and friends who lost someone at Hillsborough they will never forget. Always remembered, never forgotten – the 96 will never walk alone.
County Monaghan branch

The 96 will always have a place in our hearts
They were too good in life to be forgotten in death
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Limavady branch

To all the families who lost loved ones on that tragic day, our thoughts and prayers are with you on this day and every anniversary. You’ll never walk alone.
Clonmel branch

In memory of the 96 supporters who lost their lives at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989
Gone but never forgotten.
Coleraine branch
We wholeheartedly support the families affected by the terrible events at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989. We support all efforts to see justice for the 96 souls who perished. Our love and thoughts are always with these families as we are one big family, we are Liverpool Football Club.
Justice for the 96.
West of Scotland branch
It’s difficult to believe that 20 years have passed since that fateful day in 1989. What transpired on that day will never be forgotten and it’s the duty of every Liverpool supporter to ensure this remains the case. Justice has yet to prevail for what has happened and the campaign must continue in memory of those that lost their lives. Most of us cannot imagine what the families and friends of the victims are going through, but please be assured you are in the thoughts and prayers of every Liverpool fan, wherever we are in the world. God rest the 96.
County Donegal branch

We will always remember the 96 loyal and dedicated Reds who died at Hillsborough, they will never walk alone. We offer our sympathy to their families at this sad time and they will be remembered in prayer.
Balbriggan branch

The horror of that day in April 1989 will never leave us. What started out as a brilliant occasion of a Cup semi-final unfolded on TV as a terrible tragedy, a tragedy on a scale that is hard to imagine. On any and every visit to Anfield members of our club always make our way round to the memorial to read down through the names, the memorial, the names on it and peace. Amen!!
On this solemn occasion of the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough, we join all in the Liverpool family around the world to remember the 96 Liverpool fans that died in the disaster and share our sympathy with their families and relatives.
For the 96, we salute them for their love for Liverpool. May the Good Lord grant them eternal rest and they should know that wherever they are at the moment we are with them in spirit and they will never walk alone.
On this 20th anniversary of Hillsborough we remember those loved ones who lost their lives, those injured and those who gave comfort. We remember the Anfield pitch covered in flowers, we remember the families and friends who are still grieving. Our thoughts, sympathy and love are with you all and remember, we all lost and we all grieve, but we will allways be one big family. You Will Never Walk Alone.
Hong Kong
Twenty years after the Hillsborough tragedy, many of us are still too young to know about it. We believe the history of the disaster should never be forgotten, and it is our responsibility to tell the young generation of local LFC fans its importance. Though questions remain unanswered and justice has yet to be done, the 96 fans are always in our hearts. YNWA.


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