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Here 24 things you can do and see over 24 hours in the City!

Posted by horasio on May 5, 2009


Believe it or not, there’s plenty sites and activities that could turn into object during your trip in Jakarta. Beside main tourism object spot, Jakarta has growth into metropolis and becomes “City of thousand Malls”. You just have to take a little walk from one shopping centre to other which is next to it.

You can also enjoy variety kind of environment; from a cozy lounges places for hang out at downtown to a scarry-mysterious horror scene spot like cemitary, tunnel or hospital.
Many different events hold everyday. For shows, exhibition, art performance, liberate discussion, free live music or new movie release try visit domestic or foreign culture centre.If you want, you can see a parade on some occation. Parades?

*The very first thing: Go Round the City!
1. Only takes Rp 3.500 – 5.500. Your decide!
Full your gas tank, start your engine, and drive to the freeway. With just Rp 5.500, you can enjoy Jakarta through city ring road.
Or pay Rp 3.500 for busway ticket, you can explore the street inside the city. It save, comfort, but in sometime crowd in some stop station. So, it much better if it’s holiday.

*City Viewing >>>
2. View Jakarta from the Top
Monas (National Monumment) may not the highest building in the city, but from about 137m, its high enough for a view spot.
3. Jakarta Downtown
You can find a lot different activity on Thamrin-Sudirman. This city main street link the Welcome Monument in front of Hotel Indonesia through bussines area. Look for anykind people and races. The city government closed this street for vehicles every Sunday from 06.00—14.00, so you can enjoy clean ‘n fresh air. Do some sport activities like jogging, soccer, badminton with the people

*Shop or just windows shopping >>>
4. Tanah Abang: The biggest textile market in South East Asia
Established since 1735, this market may one of the oldest in the city. It sells any kind of clothes, dress, jeans, and cotton etc. Fast and big market transaction as there many transit stores that flow large mount of money. They have very large basement for the stock.
5. Shop on “SOGO Squat shopping”
Its not the same SOGO, fame and exclusive fashion stores we all know. Still in Tanah Abang area: here you can shop till drop! But just with small mount of money, i guess. It’s depend to the offer-bargain deal. So “squat” if you got interests in something and find out your skill. Want to try?
6. Get Used-retro things inside
Go to Pasar Inpres Senen to find clothes from ’70-80 era. Make over yourself by variety kind of catchy-fashionable goods. Bargain skill is needed. Try a little bit patient.

7. Shop at open-shock startled market on Kalibata pedestrian
Open for only every Saturday&sunday sells any kind of things.From rattan, household furnishing, pets, belt, hats, or miraculous drug.
8. Hunt for Antiques?
Go to Surabaya street for bags, lamps, handicraft, puppets, and many things. You also can find second hand goods by the expat resident.

*All about “tasty-healty-yummy”>>>
9. Seafoods
The menu on Muara Karang is all about fish, shrimps and anything taken from the sea. Fresh! and you can choose directly from the fisherman.
10. Nasi Kebuli party
In the past many Betawi society lived at Kebon Pala, Tanah Abang dan Kebon Nanas and Jatinegara then they move to Batu Ampar Condet, East Jakarta. Their mix with Arabic preserved so culiner such as “Nasi Kebuli”, “Biryani”, “Harisa”, “Roti Jala”, plus “Kari Kambing”.
11. Special African grill meat
Original made from sheep meat, you also can taste the exquizit roasted banana,beverages, or delicious special bread. Owner: Haji Ismail Coulli Balli at KS Tubun I No. 6.
12. Best chinenese food
Of course you got to go to Pasarpagi Mangga 2, the Chinatown preserves many foods. In the same area, Glodok market also known as electronics market centre.

* Events and Occation >>>
13. Taman Ismail Marzuki- Cikini
Complex that has many art and culture activities. Jakarta Art Council office, Institute Art of Jakarta, Art Located in
14. Free jazz live music
You can enjoy Friday jazz night at Pasar Festival, Kuningan. Start from 19.00. Free walau gratis musisi yang mengisi acara ini sangat kondang, yaitu ireng maulana and friends.
15. Big clock at Plaza Senayan
In the evening see the city “big ben”, since 90’s, the visitor can enjoy music and dancing child doll as mechanism of the clock

*Cultural sites >>>
16. Visit traditional village
Go to Setu Babakan sites at Srengseng Sawah-Depok
. An culture conservation (Kampoeng) which native Betawi people keep their originality. A lake, house architecture, tasty foods, and nice interaction with the local pople will bring different experience.

17. Kampung Tugu
Once, the Portuguese arrived and built the village. They inherit for generations bring into the mix culture with local people. The icon is “keroncong tugu”, specific music genre influent and plays by the community.
18. Kota Tua
Located at north Jakarta. You can visit Museum Fatahillah or join a group tour to explore the area ‘til dusk.

*City amusement
19. Waterpark
Dufan is the biggest amusement park in Jakarta. Located on Ancol beach, the Seaworld has big aquatic aquarium.
20. Go to the Zoo!!
Watch wild animal at Taman Marga Satwa Ragunan, South Jakarta. The newest added facility was Primates centre Schmutzer.

* Parks >>>
21. Prasasti park
Cultural heritage: a nice build cemitary complex that turn into park and museum located in Tanah Abang. Feels like somewhere else ‘cause it has little touch of colonial architecture inside. Many Interesting object of photograph for visitors.
22. Suropati
Located at Menteng, green, chill and comfort park. Free music performance holds every Sunday by loco artist.
23. Taman Lawang
Please consider yourself before you go to this park. Don’t be surprise by many beautiful shemales walkin around. But for some of us, it’s quite entertaining to watch them before night gettin’ late.

*Last but not least : Urban Legend >>>
24. Top Three of Scariest Placest
Imagine, it’s 23.00 o’clock and you on your own at Casablanca and have to take a walk pass the tunnel. According to neighborhood, ghost of a man who commited suicide by hanging himself sometimes may appears.
Or if you were in Kemang and has to take route pass Jeruk Purut. Urban legend story tell about a headless ghost (like sleepy hollow) known as “the Priest”. Even a production house produce the movie about this place, titled “Hantu Jeruk Purut”.
RS Cipto Mangunkusumo is the eldest hospitality known horror for a handicap nurse ghost. For some people, they can practice the sixth sense here and feel the mystic from other dimention.

There, you already round the city for 24 hours. Please Report your trip and  enjoy the experience !!!!

(viktor saut hatorangan)

link : silaturahmi.org


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